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Who we are

Excel is registered in fifty U.S. States
We are registered in six Canadian Provinces

Founded in 1990, Excel is a national, employee-owned, full-service architectural and engineering firm with the capacity and capabilities to exceed your professional expectations.

Clients that decide to partner with Excel experience the comfort, confidence and clarity that comes with a full-service firm. With multiple reputable resources under one roof, Excel eliminates risk by serving as a single source provider of streamlined, fully-integrated solutions.

We design buildings to suit the individual needs of our clients. Our inside-out approach ensures that every plan reflects a design and level of detail that serves a specific purpose, employing form to optimize function, which is why countless clients have come to discover that partnering with Excel is Always a Better Plan.

  • Design Process
  • Master Planning
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • CDs/Bidding
  • Construction


What We Do

Fully integrated in-house food facility design is our passion and accounts for approximately 35% of everything we do at Excel.

We specialize in helping our clients choose a site that meets their current and future needs while minimizing their financial risks and potential for schedule delays.

In food facility designs, the main objective is to design a facility that protects against food contamination outside the premises and other interior areas of the facility. It is equally important to account for the safety of personnel and equipment.

The majority of facility design projects completed by Excel include expanding or altering an existing facility. Expansions and alterations are often more complicated than greenfield projects.


What We Do

As part of our design process, we offer Master Planning. This service includes:

  • Establish project needs/wants

  • Program spaces

  • Define process

  • Mass balance

  • Document existing conditions

  • Site analysis

  • Building block plans

  • Municipal due diligence

  • Project goals/needs

  • Product input/output

  • Non-Process space needs

  • Target budget

  • Target schedule

  • Approve program


What We Do

We perform schematic design as part of the design process. Our schematic design service includes:

  • Floor plan options

  • 3D massing models

  • Block utility loads

  • MEP infrastructure

  • Site layout

  • Process equipment layouts

  • Preliminary cost estimates

  • Develop project schedule

  • Floor plan selection

  • Site selection

  • Review budget

  • Choose construction delivery method


What We Do

In our design process, we perform design development. Our design development services include:

  • Exterior building elevations

  • Define material and finishes

  • Define MEP systems

  • Develop utility matrix

  • Engage equipment vendors

  • Interview contractors

  • Update project budget

  • Update project schedule

  • Review design elements

  • Review budget

  • Review project schedule

  • Select general contractor


What We Do

We perform CDs/Bidding as part of the design process. This service includes:

  • Develop technical drawings and specifications

  • Prepare bid/construction docs

  • Finalize process equipment

  • Submit for plan approvals

  • Issue construction docs to contractors

  • Receive and qualify bids

  • Consult/review technical

  • drawings and specifications

  • Approve construction docs

  • Review bids

  • Approve bids/select contractors

  • Issue contractor contracts


What We Do

We perform construction services as part of the design process. Our construction service includes:

  • Owner representations

  • Approve shop drawings

  • Respond to RFIs

  • Site visits

  • Quality control reviews

  • Construction documentation

  • Start-up

  • Commissioning

  • Approve pay requests

  • On-site meetings

First District Association

The project is the culmination of 10-year plan of additions, renovations, and new construction scheduled for final completion by summer 2021. Includes 231,791 sq. ft. expansion of the existing facility. Expanding the plants intake and processing capacity from about 4 million pounds of milk per day in 2011 to 7.5 million pounds of milk per day by the end of 2021. New milk receiving, milk processing, cheese make, cheese packaging, refrigerated warehouse, whey processing, protein dryer, lactose dryer, and powder warehouse. Additional work has included utility and infrastructure upgrades throughout the facility. Excel provided architectural design, structural engineering, civil engineering, and full MEP design services.
square foot expansion
In progress site

Dairy Farmers of America

Excel’s design for the Dairy Farmers of America production facility in Zumbrota, MN is in the construction process. This design featured the construction of a new dryer tower and new dryer dock areas. Dryer towers are used to create dry dairy products such as dry buttermilk, dry cream, and dry milk. The precast panel erection continues on the dryer tower. Steel erection and roof decking continue for other areas and MEP rough-ins are in progress.
In progress site

West Point Dairy Products

This is a building addition in Hyrum, UT for West Point Dairy Products, LLC. The addition includes new receiving bays, a silo alcove, evaporator, dryer, and warehouse.
In progress site


Completed in 2018, this project provided 255,000 square feet of cheese production and aging to Saputo Cheese USA’s Almena facility resulting in the world’s largest blue cheese facility. Major project areas included: milk receiving, raw storage, pasteurization, cheese make, cheese acidification and brining, cheese aging, cheese converting, and finished product storage and shipping. Full Process Design includes Milk reception, Milk Storage, Milk Pasteurization, Cheese Culture Starter System, Brine System, Raw & Pasteurized CIP Systems, Integration with Worlds Largest Continuous Coagulator & Molding Operation, and Site Project Management and Start-Up Support.
square foot cheese production and aging facility
year completed

Agropur Cheese

Completed in 2014, this project covered 183,000 sq. ft. of cheese production space and 5-story whey dryer. Major project areas included: Milk receiving, raw storage, CIP, Bulk Chemical, homogenizing, pasteurization, blending, vats, salt belt, cookers, brine room, packaging, cooler, dry storage, fluid bed dryer, spray dryer, bulk packaging and loadout.
square foot of cheese production space
story whey dryer


Our advantage

Our Food Group leadership combines to have over 130 years of food processing facility and sanitary design experience. Throughout our years in the food facility design, our team has never stopped learning. We believe that with each job comes a new opportunity to improve our design process, so we can continue to provide our clients with the best plan possible. This focus on learning comes from the great pride and ownership our employees take in their work. Our ownership of work does not waiver when obstacles arise, we simply take on the responsibility and solve the issue.

Excel Food Group has experience in preparing and implementing designs for numerous food industries including dairy, red meat, bakery, beverage, probiotics, poultry, confectionery, seasoning, snack food, ingredient, and vegetable. These projects have ranged in size anywhere from complete integrated designs, additions, remodels, to simply putting in a new door. During these projects we offer on-site representation to ensure that our client expectations are met throughout the entirety of the project. Our presence onsite also helps confirm contractors and vendors are using the products and materials specified in the plan.

When you work with Excel you can depend on our experience, industry knowledge, and innovative spirit to deliver plans that exceed expectations. Because here at Excel, we believe there is always a better plan.